ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) is a London based stock exchange providing UK and international companies with access to European capital through a range of fully listed and growth markets.

New market segment for Social Impact Companies - ISDX collaboration with Social Stock Exchange (SSX)

We are delighted to announce a new market segment on ISDX, dedicated to Social Stock Exchange member companies (accredited for positive social or environmental impact). This initiative will help to unlock access to capital for impact businesses of all sizes as well as providing a secondary market segment for access to trade in these securities.

You can find full details about the SSX at http://socialstockexchange.com

Interview with Patrick Birley, CEO

Patrick Birley, the chief executive of ISDX, says he is starting to see a pipeline of new companies coming to the growth market after a quiet year for new listings in 2014.

Why join?

ISDX helps a wide range of companies to achieve their objectives, whether through the ISDX Growth Market or the ISDX Main Board.

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Featured company

Tara Cranswick, Director and founder of V22 – a shared ownership art organisation and an ISDX Growth Market company – talks to ISDX about the organisation and the group’s latest initiatives.

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AFRIAG PLC (Growth Market) 09/10/2015 12:28 250000 @ 0.407
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