Daniel Thwaites PLC

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Daniel Thwaites PLC has, since 1807, been based at the Star Brewery in Blackburn, Lancashire and is one of the UK’s longest established family brewers.

The Company has an estate of approximately 300 pubs, a small but growing group of coaching inns, six four star regional hotels and spas and a craft brewery.

Thwaites strong family connections shape the way it does business in each of its trading divisions and whilst each has its own services and products to offer, they are united in a common desire to be known for quality, integrity and care.

The Company’s ambitions are shaped by its desire to be the best in whatever it does and to drive value for its shareholders and customers who put their trust in the Company to deliver superb hospitality in outstanding properties in great locations and brew some fabulous beers along the way too.

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Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous close Volume Last Traded 52Wk Low 52Wk High
THW GBX 115 122 118.5 116.5 5,500 12/02/2016 102 131

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Company Contacts
Mrs Ann Yerburgh Chairman
Mr Richard Bailey Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Susan Woodward Company Secretary
Mr Kevin Wood Finance Director
Ms Arabella Yerburgh Non-Executive Director
John Barnes Non-Executive Director
Registrar: Capita Registrars (Beckenham)
Address: The Registry
34 Beckenham Road
United Kingdom
Phone: 0870 162 3100
Email: ssd@capitaregistrars.com
Business: Star Brewery
Penny Street
United Kingdom
Phone: 01254 686868
Email: susanwoodward@thwaites.co.uk
Registered: Star Brewery
Penny Street
United Kingdom