Quercus Publishing plc (Withdrawn)

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Quercus Publishing plc is an independent publisher based in London.

The company was founded by Mark Smith and Wayne Davies in May 2004. They both had successful careers in the publishing industry before forming the Company having held senior executive positions at the Orion Publishing Group Limited, one of the United Kingdom's leading publishing companies.

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Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous close Volume Last Traded 52Wk Low 52Wk High
XX.QUPP GBX 50 60 55 55 30,000 02/04/2014 25.5 80

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Company Contacts
Mr Mark Smith Chief Executive Officer
Ms Jackie Panayi Company Secretary
Mr David North Director
Ms Jane Harris Director
Mr Wayne Davies Director
Mr Colin Adams Finance Director
Mr David Potter Non-Executive Chairman
Mr Barry Mosheim Non-Executive Director
Business: 55 Baker Street
164-180 Union Street

United Kingdom
Phone: 020 7291 7200
Email: mail@quercusbooks.co.uk
Registered: 55 Baker Street
164-180 Union Street

United Kingdom