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Wey Education plc commenced trading as an educational business to develop consultancy fee income and to take on management contracts for the running of schools in the UK State Education sector.

Zail Enterprises Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, has been approved as an Academy Sponsor by the Department for Education.

The Group will concentrate on becoming an education company by providing the best education personnel, operating the best schools, delivering quality education services to children and their parents and by managing education estate effectively.

The growth strategy is intended to be through both organic and acquisitive growth. Organic growth will be driven through consultancy projects and the management of schools providing state education.

The Group's acquisitive growth strategy will focus on acquiring complementary businesses in the educational and support services sectors and growing them.

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Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous close Volume Last Traded 52Wk Low 52Wk High
WEYP GBX - - 4 4 1,000 10/12/2013 4 5.5

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04/04/2011 New Admission Document 2011
23/03/2011 New Admission Announcement 2011
Company Contacts
Mr David Massie Chairman
Mr John Bridges Chief Executive Officer
Mr Tom Scott Director
Mr John Molyneux Non-Executive Director
Ms Erica Pienaar Non-Executive Director
Corporate Adviser: W H Ireland Ltd.
Address: 11 St James's Square
M2 6WH
United Kingdom
Phone: 0161 832 2174
Registrar: Neville Registrars Ltd
Address: Neville House
18 Laurel Lane
B63 3DA
West Midlands
United Kingdom
Phone: 0121 585 1131
Email: info@nevilleregistrars.co.uk
Business: 9 Dartmouth Street


United Kingdom
Phone: 020 3384 7643
Email: mail@weyeducation.com
Registered: 43-44 New Bond Street


United Kingdom