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Anglo African Agriculture plc was established as an Investment Vehicle on the ISDX Growth Market as a means to invest in or acquire companies engaged in the within the agriculture sector in Africa.

The Directors intend to use their collective experience to identify appropriate investment opportunities. Initially, the Directors intend to make a number of passive investments but when doing so may negotiate options to acquire larger or controlling interests or make a substantial investment (including a reverse acquisition) if the right opportunities are identified.

The Directors will focus on the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, and in particular Tanzania, Ghana and Kenya. The Directors will be looking for opportunities in the production, transportation and trading of food products, including the acquisition of land for food production.

The Directors will be seeking investment opportunities which have potential for significant capital growth and where the vendors would consider the issuance of new Ordinary Shares as part or of all of the consideration of the transaction.

If required to carry out an acquisition, the Directors will seek external finance.

Company webcast: Final results for the period to 31 October 2013

Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous close Volume Last Traded 52Wk Low 52Wk High
AAAP GBX 1 1.5 1.25 1.375 100,000 05/05/2015 1.11 2.25

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