Adalta Real plc (Withdrawn)

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Adalta Real Plc operates in the local and national field of commercial real estate.

The Company's activities range from commercial property agency and consultancy (comprising property acquisitions, sales, lettings, rent reviews and lease renewals on behalf of clients) to also include commercial property development and investment comprising both in-house and joint venture development projects, firstly for sale and ultimately for long term Investment in retained in-house developments and externally acquired commercial properties.

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Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous close Volume Last Traded 52Wk Low 52Wk High
XX.ADAP GBX 0.25 1 0.625 0.625 38,991 29/12/2015 0.25 1.125

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Investor Documents
30/11/2015 Letter to Shareholders
29/09/2015 Notice of AGM 2015
03/10/2014 Notice of AGM 2014
23/08/2013 Notice of AGM 2013
29/06/2012 Notice of AGM 2012
29/06/2012 Letter to Shareholders
Company Contacts
Mr Kevin Gilmore Chairman
Mr James Hill Chief Executive Officer
Mr Rodney Style Non-Executive Director
Corporate Adviser: Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited
Address: New Liverpool House
15-17 Eldon Street
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)20 7469 0930
Registrar: Neville Registrars Limited
Address: Neville House
18 Laurel Lane
B63 3DA
West Midlands
United Kingdom
Phone: 0121 585 1131
Business: The Byre; Home Farm Drive
Upton Estate
OX15 6HU
United Kingdom
Phone: 01295 670123
Registered: Church Court
Stourbridge Road
B63 3TT
West Midlands
United Kingdom