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Fulham Shore is a newly incorporated company established by the Directors to be the platform from which to identify, invest in and operate a range of growth restaurant businesses in the UK, each driven by skilled and incentivised restaurant entrepreneurs and management teams. The Directors believe that there are a number of potentially attractive investment opportunities within the restaurant and food service sectors in the UK and, given their collective experience in this area, they can take advantage of the opportunities which exist in these sectors and create a profitable and sustainable business.

The CompanyÔÇÖs investment strategy is to target businesses in the restaurant and food service sectors which are known to and admired by the Directors, which are profitable and/or which, in the DirectorsÔÇÖ opinion, have attractive growth potential. The Company will also aim to establish and develop or invest in new restaurant concepts. In addition, the Directors expect that third parties will introduce to Fulham Shore restaurant opportunities which would benefit from strategic, operational and funding support in growing their businesses.

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FS.P GBX 12 13 12.5 12.5 33,180 19/06/2014 7 12.5

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19/02/2013 New Admission Document 2013
05/02/2013 New Admission Announcement 2013
There are no reports or accounts for this company.
Company Contacts
Mr David Page Chairman
Mr Nabil Mankarious Director
Mr Nick Donaldson Director
Mr Nicholas Chi Wai Wong Finance Director
Mr Martin Chapman Non-Executive Director
Corporate Adviser: Allenby Capital Limited.
Address: 2nd Floor
3 St HelenÔÇÖs Place
United Kingdom
Phone: 020 3328 5656
Registrar: SLC Registrars Ltd
Address: Thames House
Portsmouth Road
KT10 9AD
United Kingdom
Phone: 01372 467308
Business: 307/308 Linton House
164-180 Union Street

United Kingdom
Registered: 307/308 Linton House
164-180 Union Street

United Kingdom