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ISDX for Brokers

Trading membership of ISDX allows access to the ISDX Growth Market, ISDX Main Board and to the ISDX Secondary Market.

Broker members of ISDX benefit from best execution and low transaction costs with immediacy of trading, single execution fill, price improvement on the primary best bid and offer and size commitment for illiquid securities. In addition, all the major data vendors offer ISDX trade data. Settlement is bilateral and all ISDX securities are eligible for electronic settlement.

ISDX offers market participants a choice of cost-effective trading services to facilitate both on-exchange and off-exchange activities in listed and unlisted securities.

On-exchange services are:

  • Market making
  • Quotation and trade reporting services
  • Broker dealer
  • Trading with market makers and, if also trading with non-market makers,
    submitting trade reports in relation to on-exchange transactions permitted by
    the ISDX Trading Rules

Market participants can connect to ISDX’s FIX interface for trade reporting purposes. Alternatively, approved third-party software providers may provide this service.

For details of off-exchange services please contact us.

We welcome applications from brokers who would like to join our growing network of members. There is no joining fee, and the application process is very straightforward.

Please see relevant supporting documentation and guides below or contact us