Legal notice

The ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange Limited is a Recognised Investment Exchange under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, a Recognised Stock Exchange under S1005 (1)(b) Income Tax Act 2007 and a member of the ICAP Group (“ISDX” or “ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange”). ISDX is registered in England and Wales under company no 04309969 and its registered office is 2 Broadgate, London EC2M 7UR.

Securities traded on ISDX and Investment Risk

Securities traded on ISDX include listed securities admitted to the Official List of an EU member state as well as unlisted securities admitted to trading on the ISDX Growth Market or other primary markets for unlisted securities operated by other EU market operators. Primary markets for unlisted securities are not EU Regulated Markets and issuers of unlisted securities are not subject to the regulatory requirements of EU competent listing authorities; the disclosure responsibilities of such companies under the applicable issuer rules are often less onerous and may afford a lesser degree of investor protection. ISDX operates such a market, the ISDX Growth Market, which predominantly caters for the needs of growth companies. Investors should be aware that a higher investment risk attaches to growth and smaller companies than to larger more established companies.