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FT8 Plc

Growth Market

FT8 is currently an investing company:

Initial Areas of business activity-

The Directors of FT8 intend to make acquisitions to enable them to offer an eWallet / Debit card program that can be used widely around the globe to move funds electronically in a secure and legal environment.

FT8 will also seek to make strategic investments in companies that provide finance and commercial mortgage products.

Finally, as previously announced, FT8 are progressing a strategy of executing partnership agreements that are aligned with our current experience and expertise.

FT8 Plc

Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous Close Volume Last Traded 52Wk Low 52Wk High
GFT GBX 0.4 0.6 0.5 0.5 60,000 27/05/2016 0.25 0.7

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There are currently no shareholder documents for this company
Chief Executive Officer Mr Blair Baker
Director Mr Sean McShane
Director Mr Phillip Pryor

Business Address

Heathrow Business Centre, 65 High Street
TW20 9EY
United Kingdom

Business Telephone: 01784 497100
Business Email:

Registered Address

Centrum House
TW20 9LF
United Kingdom

Corporate Adviser : W H Ireland Ltd.

11 St James's Square,


United Kingdom,
M2 6WH

Phone:0161 832 2174

Registrar : Capita Registrars (Beckenham)

The Registry,
34 Beckenham Road,
United Kingdom,

Phone:0870 162 3100

Key Information

Market Cap: £3.7M
ISIN: GB0009205625
Par: 10
Inst Type: ORD
Symbol: GFT
MiFID Status: MTF
Securities in issue: 736,678,630
Sector: Financial Services

Latest Trades

Date & Time Volume Price
27/05/2016 08:57 60,000 0.5
19/05/2016 11:11 65,000 0.6
30/03/2016 08:25 125,000 0.6
29/02/2016 08:28 100,000 0.65
29/02/2016 08:28 100,000 0.65
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