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Ecovista plc

Growth Market

Ecovista plc is a ISDX Growth Market investment holding company in the property and real estate sector, with the objective being to provide shareholders with strong investment returns and a balanced exposure to lower risk income.

Ecovista's investment criteria focuses on property investments which provide a stable, predictable and low risk income stream, with opportunities to enhance value through active management. Ecovista will also selectively pursue development or redevelopment opportunities where they can be pre-let to businesses with strong rental covenants, or in order to protect, enhance or extract additional value from existing investments. Finally Ecovista will invest in distressed property investments where opportunities arise as markets recover.

Ecovista plc

Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous Close Volume Last Traded 52Wk Low 52Wk High
EVTP GBX 0.05 0.08 0.065 0.065 253,565 14/10/2016 0.02 0.1

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Chairman Mr Luca Tenuta
Director Mr Kenneth Jones
Director Miss Louise Stokely

Business Address

100 Rye Street, Bishops Stortford
CM23 2HH
United Kingdom

Business Telephone: 01279 654151
Business Email:

Registered Address

100 Rye Street, Bishops Stortford
CM23 2HH
United Kingdom

Corporate Adviser : Alexander David Securities Ltd.

49 Queen Victoria Street,


United Kingdom,

Phone:0207 448 9820

Registrar : Share Registrars Ltd

Suite E, 1st Floor,
9 Lion and Lamb Yard,
United Kingdom,

Phone:01252 821390

Key Information

Market Cap: £2.3M
Par: 0.001
Inst Type: ORD
Symbol: EVTP
MiFID Status: MTF
Securities in issue: 3,590,315,700
Sector: Real Estate Investment & Services

Latest Trades

Date & Time Volume Price
14/10/2016 15:10 253,565 0.07
30/09/2016 12:54 500,000 0.05
30/09/2016 09:57 1,720,000 0.05
29/09/2016 10:41 490,708 0.07
16/08/2016 15:51 62,500 0.07
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