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Bioventix plc

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Bioventix specialises in the development and commercial supply of high-affinity monoclonal antibodies with a primary focus on their application in clinical diagnostics, such as in automated immunoassays used in blood testing.

The antibodies created at Bioventix are generated in sheep and are of particular benefit where the target is present at low concentration and where conventional monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies have failed to produce a suitable reagent.

Bioventix currently offers a portfolio of antibodies to customers for both commercial use and R&D purposes, for the diagnosis or monitoring of a broad range of conditions, including heart disease, cancer, fertility, thyroid function and drug abuse.

Bioventix currently supplies antibody products and services to the majority of multi-national clinical diagnostics companies.

Bioventix is based in Farnham, Surrey in the UK.

Bioventix plc

Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous Close Volume Last Traded 52Wk Low 52Wk High
BVXP.GB GBX 1,325 1,425 1,375 1,375 528 02/12/2016 899 1,600

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Chief Executive Officer Mr Peter Harrison
Finance Director Ms Treena Turner
Non-Executive Chairman Mr Ian Nicholson
Non-Executive Director Nick McCooke

Business Address

7 Romans Business Park
United Kingdom

Business Telephone:
Business Email:

Registered Address

7 Romans Business Park
United Kingdom

Key Information

Symbol: BVXP.GB
MiFID Status: Regulated Market
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Date & Time Volume Price
02/12/2016 10:20 59 1,325.3
02/12/2016 10:09 230 1,325.3
02/12/2016 09:21 218 1,373
02/12/2016 08:00 21 1,373
01/12/2016 15:15 250 1,325.3
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