Chapel Down Group plc

Growth Market

Chapel Down produce world-class sparkling and still wines and, through its associate company Curious Drinks Ltd., the award-winning range of Curious beers and cider.

Chapel Down aims to be England’s most exciting Drinks Company and supplies leading chefs such as Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver and works with strong trade partners including Waitrose, M&S, Matthew Clark, Majestic and many others.

The winery is located at Tenterden in Kent, which attracts visitors for its tours, tastings, events, restaurant and retail shop. Significant shareholders include Nigel Wray, John Dunsmore, Paul Brett and Henderson Global Investors.

Chapel Down Group plc

Symbol Ccy Code Bid Ask Mid Previous Close Volume Last Traded 52Wk Low 52Wk High
CDGP GBX 54 58 56 56 43,590 21/10/2016 27.5 63

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Chairman John Dunsmore
Chief Executive Officer Mr Frazer Thompson
Finance Director Mr Richard Woodhouse
Managing Director Mr Mark Harvey
Non-Executive Director Jamie Brooke
Non-Executive Director Mr Paul Brett
Non-Executive Director Mr Nigel Wray

Business Address

Tenterden Vineyard Park, Small Hythe
TN30 7NG
United Kingdom

Business Telephone: 01580 763033
Business Email:

Registered Address

Tenterden Vineyard Park, Small Hythe
TN30 7NG
United Kingdom

Corporate Adviser : finnCap Ltd.

60 New Broad St,


United Kingdom,

Phone:0207 220 0500

Registrar : Capita Registrars (Beckenham)

The Registry,
34 Beckenham Road,
United Kingdom,

Phone:0870 162 3100

Key Information

Market Cap: £56.6M
ISIN: GB0032706284
Par: 5
Inst Type: ORD
Symbol: CDGP
MiFID Status: MTF
Securities in issue: 100,993,948
Sector: Beverages

Latest Trades

Date & Time Volume Price
21/10/2016 16:28 10,000 54
21/10/2016 11:22 8,690 57.4
21/10/2016 09:26 3,000 57.5
21/10/2016 08:56 21,900 54
20/10/2016 16:17 99,166 53.25
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